solar thermal

Solar thermal panels, sometimes referred to as thermal collectors are simply, a mixture of water and antifreeze encapsulated within pipework. When the sun heats up the water within the pipes, this is then used to warm a water tank within a property.

When fitted to a roof, this simple but efficient system can provide your property with hot water all throughout the year.

There are two main types of solar thermal collectors available; Flat plates and evacuated tubes. Both work in the same way; harness the heat from the sun to generate hot water. The small difference in design makes evacuated tubes more efficient when the angle of the sun is not at optimum. But as there is a such small difference in efficiency, the most common choice made by homeowners is Flat plates. The sleek design of a glass panel neatly integrates into the roof, or partnered with a solar PV system.

One of the most popular here at EcoEnergy Environment is Viridian Clearline.

we offer the following

  • Complete new build installations
  • Solar PV installation
  • Solar battery installation
  • Solar thermal check up
  • Solar thermal repairs and maintenance 

only the best materials used 

At EcoEnergy Environment, we use only the best and most reliable materials for our installations. We also make sure that the Renewable Energy Consumer Code guidelines from the Renewable Energy Association are adhered to.

Flat solar thermal panels