ealing solar array

Barry, Ealing (5-bed detached house) – 13 x LG 300 panels, plus Enphase micro-inverters.

I’m really very happy with EcoEnergy’s service. Richard Bacon’s a thoroughly decent, straightforward guy, who is efficient and proactive and a pleasure to deal with.

Checking his PV system’s generation via an app on his mobile, Barry reckons he’s getting excellent value from the 13 panels installed on his home in Ealing, West London in 2015.

He has made 862 kW hours since August 2017, trimming £110 from electricity bills in just five months. In high summer, his solar systems generates around £ 1.70 worth of power per day; even in January, it’s around 30 pence daily. In addition, cheques from the Feed-in-Tariff boost the family income: around £ 85 in the October after installation, then £ 80 last November.

EcoEnergy solved a problem for Barry. When he first met us at the ‘Grand Designs’ home show, he already intended to incorporate solar electricity into a big extension planned for his Ealing home. But at that time the government had announced a looming cut to its 20 year solar subsidy, the Feed in Tariff (FiT).

Moving quickly, EcoEnerg designed & installed a system on an existing roof at Barry’s home, thereby securing a FiT rate of 12.5 pence per kWh, weeks before rates for the 20-year subsidy were halved in value. A year and a half later in August 2017 after Barry’s extension was completed, Ecovolt returned & moved the existing 3.9 kWp system onto his home’s new roof, retaining for Barry the old, higher FiT rate. Such adjustments remain perfectly legal, since the system’s registration continues at the same address, and for a system of unchanged output capacity.

Barry is reaping the benefits, ploughing the money back into his family, and investing in an air-sourced heat pump. With the 13 power-generating panels on his roof further trimming his family’s carbon footprint. “I am really pleased with the results”, says Barry. “I am saving money and reducing my carbon footprint”.