badgers wood surgery

Twinned family doctors’ surgeries near Alton, Hampshire are long-standing Ecovolt customers. Senior partner Dr Anthony Leung liked our 18 panels on his home so much, that over summer 2011 he got partners’ approval for Ecovolt Environment to install systems on the roofs of Badgerswood & Forest surgeries¸ located in Headley & Bordon. The family doctors’ practices have since trusted Ecovolt Environment to extend both systems. They now stand at over 14 kWp in combined capacity. A phone-linked app means power output is monitored remotely minute by minute, around the clock.

Linked to one surgery is Badgerswood Pharmacy. Keeping medicines chilled & essential equipment running, Ecovolt’s solar system provides it with clean, reliable power. Top of-the-range Sonnen batteries, installed by us in August 2017, mean the pharmacy uses solar electricity even overnight.

Health professionals are known to share tips on best practice. At Dr Leung’s recommendation, a dental surgery in Haslemere commissioned an Ecovolt Environment system in spring 2013, using powerful 320w Sunpower panels.

Sue Hazeldine, manager of both doctors’ practices, has seen power bills cut by 30 per cent. Ecovolt Environment’s installations & upgrades have been quick, and solar operation has been trouble-free.

Since installation of solar panels the practice has seen a 30% drop approximately in cost of power to run the facility.  The idea of being able to save money but also improve our environment and not compromise our useage has to be the way forward for the future.

Sue Hazeldine

Running ventilated fish tanks at his home, Dr Leung asked Ecovolt Environment’s advice on storing solar electricity. We told him about the tumbling prices of safe, home-scale batteries. Last summer, we plugged his home into 4 kW hours of home DC storage. Just as with panels, within months Ecovolt Environment had installed 16 kWh of batteries capacity at Badgerswood.

Badgers Wood Surgery Roof with solar panels installed
Badgers Wood Surgery Roof during the assembly of the solar array