About us

providing solar energy solutions since 2007

We specialise in enabling households, businesses, schools, and community buildings throughout London and the Home Counties to generate their own electricity by installing PV (photovoltaic) systems, on their roofs. We also install ground-mounted solar systems in fields or paddocks.

But it isn’t just all about buildings or technology for us, it’s really about people. Alongside our technical expertise, we at Ecoenergy Environment feel that an equally valuable feature is our personal approach to you and your property when it comes to energy solutions.

We listen, recommend, advise and discuss everything with you in order that you obtain the right system for your needs. If your property is not suitable for PV, or if we believe that there are other, more effective ways of reducing your carbon footprint and saving money, then we will say so. We rely on our current and previous customers for bringing in new customers, so we like our relationships to last.

We stay in touch and continue to monitor your system and offer any help you might need after your installation is complete. We believe in what we do, and we do it with a passion, so our customers know that the relationship does not end when the system is commissioned and working.